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iZigg’s cloud based SMS Platform offers an array of powerful features, allowing business owners and marketing executives to easily build and launch an SMS campaign to engage with customers, promote products, sales, apps and build brand awareness.

Why iZigg

iZigg’s cloud-based SMS Platform is:

  •          IMMEDIATE: With our dashboard, you will have your campaign launched and reaching customers in the time it takes to send a text!
  •          SIMPLE: SMS API gives you a full range of features, including voice/email messaging capabilities. NO short code needed!
  •          TRACKABLE: Quickly take a dashboard view of delivery statuses and subscriber data without combing through bulky reports
  •          COST-EFFECTIVE: Use code SMSNOW at checkout to get the first month of any monthly plan for just $5. No contract, no commitment.
  •          COMPATIBLE: Our technology works with every mobile phone, so you won’t need to worry about alienating some users!
  •          SOCIAL: With the touch of a button, you can share contact information, social media links, and even videos!

No Contracts. No Setup Fee. Cancel Anytime!

The Dashboard

Login to our simple to use and intuitive dashboard to easily build, launch and manage multiple SMS campaigns for your business or organization. It’s simple! You can have your new SMS Campaign launched in a matter of minutes.


Integrations. Automation. Full Support. Enable your software or app with texting. Integrating with iZigg’s SMS API is quick and easy. Gain access to a full range of features, including the iZigg dashboard, and voice and email messaging capabilities. Leasing your own short code isn’t required.


Easily Share Contact Info and Rich Content. Send contact information, social media links, and even YouTube videos directly to a person’s cell phone and/or import critical contact information with the push of a button.

Trusted by These Companies, and Many More

"iZigg has been hands down the most effective marketing tool EVER for my pizzeria!"
Peter Anderson
Satisfied Customer
"We have been with iZigg since 2013 and it is our best performing LSM tool! The dashboard is easy to navigate and I really appreciate being able to schedule text offers in advance along with sending in real-time."
Amy Michael
Satisfied Customer
"We use iZigg for communication with leaders and students in our organization. Subscriber management is simple, text creation is intuitive and simple to set up."
Linda Parkhouse
Satisfied Customer

Powerful Features

SMS (Text) Messaging

SMS has become more impactful and engaging than ever by reaching customers through the one device that's always in our pocket or close by, your mobile phone. SMS has quickly become the simplest and most effective way to reach your customers.


Integrations. Automations. Full support. Give your software or app the power of texting using iZigg's REST API. Leasing your own short code not required.

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