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Whether you want to launch your own mobile marketing business, or, you’re already an agency owner, you can partner with iZigg to offer mobile marketing to clients and make money doing so!
As an iZigg affiliate, you get paid a portion of ALL of your clients purchases – new and renewal. You’ll also get the full support of our team to close deals and do demos with potential clients. 
iZigg allows you to connect with business owners in your community and help them start making more money by helping their customers make more purchases from them and YOU to get paid for your efforts. Once you’ve signed up a customer for iZigg’s service, iZigg handles all support and billing of the account and you get paid for the account monthly as long as their an iZigg customer. We provide complete support to the client from on-boarding to ongoing tech support. You won’t need to do a thing.

What's Included?

Becoming an iZigg Affiliate cost just $99.95 annually. Start sharing with local businesses in your area, show them how the technology works and start getting paid. We’ll help you demo the platform for clients and close deal. When you generate sales to new customers, you get paid for the initial sale and every sale after that creating a residual income.

Would you like to learn more?

Let's connect and talk about partnering. Or give us a call at 877-394-3485.