5 Reasons Brands are using SMS Marketing to Engage

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Look everywhere and you’ll see one. They’re glued to the hands of their users. The power of the mobile phone can’t be ignored. In a few short years, there will be over 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide and as the phones get smarter and the usability expands – their power is only heading in one direction. UP.

With numbers like those mentioned above, a marketing strategy simply can’t afford NOT to involve the mobile phone. The only issues is, how to use them effectively and efficiently. As the uses of smartphones continue to grow and grab attention, SMS messages are still leading the way in being the most effective way to tap into the power of the phone, and here’s why:

1. People actually ready SMS messages

As you might already know or are experiencing with your strategy already, half the battle marketers face is getting their target to actually read their advertisements. With an SMS campaign, that’s a battle you can easily win. SMS messages have a 98% open rate, 90% of those are opened within 3 minutes of receiving, meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an opportunity to get your point across.

2. People respond to SMS messages

Having a message opened is one thing, actually having a reaction and a response is another. It’s estimated that SMS messages have a 36-45% click through rate – over 10 times that of emails

3. SMS marketing doesn’t cost a fortune

So far, SMS sounds great right? But what about the investment in the strategy to get these messages to your customers? SMS messages cost pennies and iZigg offers monthly SMS plans as low $29.00/month to get started. This makes it much cheaper than options like TV or radio.

Hundreds, even thousands of SMS messages can be sent and delivered in seconds. This means you can see instant results and you have control over the time your messages are delivered and reach them when they’re most likely ready to spend.

4. Use SMS in multiple ways

Alert customers of a new product or service. Lure them in with an enticing offer. Remind clients of appointments to cut down on missed sessions. Run a survey or poll. Text to win campaigns. All of this can be done with an SMS marketing strategy.

5. SMS and analytics

SMS campaigns can deliver a large piece of data that is simply to analyze and will give you detailed insight into the success of your efforts. This makes it a fantastic platform for those wanting to track every dollar they invest into their marketing strategy.


If businesses want to embrace mobile technology, SMS should not be ignored. It can deliver messages in seconds that are read and responded to in large numbers. It’s fast, cost effective and provides the type of data that makes it simple to monitor.[/fusion_text][/three_fourth]

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