The ski industry has largely capitalized on the use of social media over the last several years, and, given that the ad landscape is changing more and more every day resorts need to look ahead at what’s next. What is the next step to connect instantly with customers? The answer may surprise many of you, but it’s simple. It’s easily accessible and it’s cheap.

The answer is SMS Messaging.

Texting may not have the same sexy, slick look to it that a Facebook ad campaign does, but it’s like like to be 10 times more effective at reaching your target market whilst spending much less money and time. When you consider a ski resorts customer base, that is a huge number of people to reach and deliver them an exciting offer to plan a trip to your resort.

An SMS Marketing campaign can be conceived, produced and delivered to anywhere from 1,000 to an excess of 100,000 or more inside of an hour, giving a real-time experience to your customer base. SMS campaigns are so highly targeted that they’re likely to have a huge ROI and drive instant engagement. This is much different that than the Facebook advertising approach.

SMS campaigns take less time to create, they’re short and to the point and deliver impactful information and offers directly to customers who have opted in to receive offers from you, and reaching 10,000 generally will cost you less than a few hundred dollars. Do we have your attention yet?

So how do you build that database of customers to send messages to? Well, it’s simple! Ask prospective guests and existing guests for the mobile phone numbers by promoting your SMS campaigns with an incentive to opt in. Give them the ability to take advantage of your offers by opting in, so they’ll feel like they’re in control of the situation (and they are!). SMS is permission based, which is why it’s so effective.

There are many many ways to build you SMS database, here’s a few:

  1. Offer them a discount on a daily lift ticket – $5 or $10 dollars off goes a long ways with customers. It creates value for them to take part in your SMS campaign, and delivers you HUGE value in the long run when you’re able to reach that customer instantly to deliver them additional valuable offers.
  2. Offer a coupon for FREE breakfast or lunch for signing up
  3. Use SMS to reach the customer after they’ve left, thank them for their visit and offer them a discount coupon welcoming them back for another visit
  4. Give them discounts on ski rentals for opting in.

Ski resorts, large and small, as you’re probably starting to realize, have many opportunities to build a huge opt in list of customers.

As your list grows and your customers are enjoying their valuable offers for opting in, you can start sending out messages weekly – or even monthly or seasonally. Your customers will be so excited to receive the message from you because they know they’ll be getting value. If you’ve got an attractive offer, you simply need to be able to deliver it to those that matter most to you – your customers.

SMS marketing is truly simple to execute, and the most cost effective medium available to businesses today. It’s 100% possible for a ski resort to run their SMS campaign in house as it’s simple to use and this allows for maximum cost efficiency. The most exciting thing about SMS is it delivers your valuable message to the right people in the right time frame.

98% of all text messages are read, and, 90% of them are read within three minutes!

Facebook and Twitter require people to log in and check accounts, and more often than not are seen as spammy. Email marketing has the same pitfalls. Targeted text marketing to consumers who have actively opted in will be welcomed by your customers. They want to hear from you or they wouldn’t have opted in in the first place. They want to know about your latest offers.

The newest, best way to drive traffic to your ski resort may just be a simple text. It’s overlooked by so many, take advantage of the cost efficient channel to get the biggest bang for your buck.


Questions? Let’s talk! Call me me at 877-394-3485 and I’d be happy to answer all of your questions on implementing SMS for your resort.