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iZigg offers a powerful communication tool set, from live polling to automated SMS marketing campaigns, we have options that fit every business’s needs.

Track campaigns using our powerful reporting feature, engage your customers in real-time with our 2-way dialogue tool and send mass messages.

iZigg text messaging platform has solutions for all of your mass messaging and SMS marketing needs

Software Features

Simplicity meets value

iZigg’s Mobile Marketing’s SMS Platform is a powerful, simple to use, do-it-yourself Text Messaging (SMS) platform that helps marketers and business owners engage with their customers in seconds and increase revenue.

We also help many other types organizations with their communication efforts, including small to large churches, healthcare facilities and medical practices, event managers, state and local governments and even school districts and universities.

In today’s noisy world, the need for immediate and impactful communication is greater than ever and fits into virtually any type of organization’s communications or marketing efforts.


Enable mass messaging capabilities right into your software or App. When you integrate with iZigg’s advanced and robust API you’ll be able to use your existing software to send messages and use our products directly, streamlining the process of managing mobile groups and interacting with our platform.

Text Messaging Platform

The iZigg Message Center is designed to help you manage and simplify
your SMS campaigns.  Schedule messages, access pre-built message templates
and plan future messages with the built-in calendar feature.

Intuitive Scheduler

iZigg simplifies SMS for our clients, and with our intuitive Scheduler and Calendar feature, automating your SMS campaigns is guaranteed to simplify your efforts while continuing to engage your customers in more personal and intimate way.

Once your messages have been scheduled, you can use the built in calendar to see what’s coming up and, if you need to, make updates and changes as you go because business needs are constantly changing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.22.29 AM

Use iZigg’s built-in “Raffle Feature” to run text to wins for your business. After the entry period ends, you can simple login, select Raffle. They system will randomly generate a number from the opt ins, then you can instantly send them a text message and let them know they won.

Keyword example

Keywords are an essential piece of SMS marketing. Using a custom keyword, you can promote your business and grow your SMS channel to reach more and more of your audience. All of iZigg’s SMS plans include keywords.

Keywords allow new followers to join your SMS program easily by simply texting the keyword to 88799. You’ll be able to automatically send back a customized response to each new subscriber. Subscribers can be segmented and organized into different groups if you have more that one location for example, or needed to communicate to your staff AND customers separately.

Message Notifications
If necessary, you can use our Message Notification feature to be notified by email or SMS message each time a new subscriber texts your keyword to the short code.

Drip Campaigns
Use our built in Drip Campaign feature to save time by allowing you to automatically send “time-released” messages based on when a subscriber signs up.

Keyword example

What is a Short Code?

A short code is what your audience or customers will text your keyword to on their device to subscribe to your SMS program.

iZigg’s short code is 88799.

In the example shown in the picture above, JOIN is the keyword and 88799 is the short code. A subscriber would text JOIN to 88799 to subscribe to this channel.

Here’s another example of how a short code can be used with your keyword:

“Text PIZZA to 88799 to get half off a large pizza!

“Text BURGER to 88799 to get free fries and a drink with your burger purchase!

Mcard Icon

Want to make a powerful first impression with customers and associates?
Share contact information, videos, images and social media links directly
with clients through SMS! mCards include:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Social Links
  • more!

phone icon

View all of your text message responses in the same location. Use the 2-Way Dialog feature to communicate directly with customers regardless of which communication method you choose. You can converse with your subscribers through:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • 2-way Dialog

Text Polling and Live Q&A

At iZigg, we understand how important it is to receive feedback from your audience. We also understand how difficult it can be to keep people engaged during meetings and presentations. Our SMS polling and live Q&A features are the perfect tools to keep you informed and keep your audience participating.

  • Text Polling
  • Live QA

With our text polling and live Q&A tools, you can keep audience members engaged, collect valuable survey data, and receive direct feedback about your event. Stay up-to-date with real-time account notifications.

Meetings and Presentations

iZigg’s SMS polling service is the perfect way to keep your co-workers engaged during lengthy early morning presentations. Receive immediate feedback from your audience through the interactivity of live polling.

Live Events

iZigg’s SMS polling option represents the perfect way to engage audience members for concerts, radio shows, and other live events. Ask participants to vote on issues being discussed on the program or the next song to play. The choice is yours!


Have a great new product or service that you’re thrilled to share with your customers? SMS polling can get the word out just as your latest attraction hits the market, ensuring that your customers can share in all the excitement.

Host Contests

There are few things that customers enjoy more than the opportunity to win prizes and engage in a little friendly competition. iZigg’s SMS polling service makes hosting contests a cinch and guarantees that everyone can feel like a winner.


Increasing revenue is all about supply and demand. By creating surveys through SMS polling, you can find exactly what your customers want and help your business grow in the process.

Polling Accuracy

While scores on paper ballots can be miscalculated and the ballots themselves can be lost, the digital nature of SMS polling makes it a far more accurate method of accruing feedback from the general public. And because SMS polling limits the votes to one per mobile number, the possibility of “ballot stuffing” is no longer a concern.

Text To Win!

Running a text to win campaign using is SMS is one of the quickest ways to build a database and create excitement around your brand. You can run a simple text to win campaign using a simple iZigg SMS plan, keyword and short code.

iZigg has now taken the Text to Win a step further! We’ve integrated our SMS platform and with a web-based app that will be specifically designed for your organization and the specific promotion you’re running.

A Txt2Win promotion makes it fun for consumers to engage with your brand, gains valuable data and builds a huge database of information about your customers and potential customers. You can expect to collect between 3,000 and 15,000 pieces of individual data in a 30 day period.*

*Results vary by promotion and are not guaranteed.


Enable mass messaging capabilities right into your software or App. When you integrate with iZigg’s advanced and robust API you’ll be able to use your existing software to send messages and use our products directly, streamlining the process of managing mobile groups and interacting with our platform.



Integration Options


Use the built in reporting feature to tell how successful your SMS campaigns are and adjust your strategy as needed. Run and access reports on your subscribers, message response trends, messages sent and keyword opt-in results.

• Messages Sent

• Subscribers

• Message Response Trends

• Keyword Opt-in Results



Messages Sent Report

The dashboard reports section allows you to generate reports pertaining to all of your outbound and received messages. This feature allows you to ensure that all of your messages are being sent and received.

Subscriber Reports

The world of mobile marketing is unique for many reasons. One noteworthy reason is that it provides a very direct link between you and your customers. The iZigg dashboard allows you to keep track of every subscriber that has opted-in to your code, so that you always know where you stand.

Message Response Trends

It’s impossible to execute a successful mobile campaign without seeing how your customers are responding to your messages. iZigg’s dashboard gives you the option of viewing and tracking several different message response trends including Inbound Messages, Keywords, MCard Views, Messages Sent, and Subscribers.

Keyword Opt-In Results

This one is critical! When it comes to gauging the overall success of your mobile campaign, viewing your keyword opt-in results is the first step. This is how you check who is responding to that initial opt-in call-to-action.