How to increase NEW Subscribers by 500% or more


Many business owners jump into SMS marketing for their business and expect huge results with little to no “real promotion” of their new program. Many forget or don’t know how important it is to use incentives with SMS. If you’re new to SMS and you’re finding that your subscriber database isn’t growing as quickly as you’d hoped or as quickly as you’ve seen others – it’s most likely because you’re not incentivizing your customers to opt in.

Think about this: Taco Bell gained 13,000 subscribers in the first 5 weeks of their SMS Campaign! Wow! How did they do that? They used all of their traditional media like radio, television and print to drive awareness of their new SMS Campaign. Then, they incentivized their customers to opt in! They gave them a free Frutista Freeze with the purchase of any food item, that’s it! They used a rolling expiration date of 3 days so that when any new subscriber opted in they had 3 days to redeem their offer.

  1. Taco Bell sent out over 29,000 SMS Coupons
  2. At the end of the 5 week campaign, 93% of those SMS subscribers were still subscribed

What would you do with a database of over 10,000 subscribers? Think that could instantly drive some traffic in your door and boost your sales? We think so!



Similarly, Julep, an online beauty retailer, launched their Mobile Insider Club and in just the first 24 hours generated 5,000 new subscribers! They had no existing database of subscribers, which means they went from zero to 5,000 in 24 hours.

How did they do this? It’s very simple, instead of just promoting to customers to become a Julep Mobile Insider by opting in, they created an initial offer to incentivize new Mobile Insiders and give them 50% off of their next nail color purchase. Julep maintained a 99% retention rate after the initial 50% discount offer. Those are huge numbers!


So, if you’re struggling to build a database and/or struggling with engaging with current subscribers, remember – with SMS, it’s all about incentivizing new and current subscribers to TAKE ACTION.

We help our clients one on one with this every day, so if you’re having trouble coming up with the right incentive, reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to review your offerings and help you put together an effective SMS campaign offer that will dramatically increase engagement and subscribers!

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