Don’t Forget: Promote your SMS campaign!

How can customers and potential customers sign up for your SMS campaigns if they don’t know about it? If you’re just starting out with your new SMS campaign, you’ve got to promote it!

The key to launching a successful SMS campaign is promoting it. SMS is an integrated marketing channel, meaning that it should be integrated into all other channels that you’re already reaching your customers. Develop an “exclusive” offer for SMS VIPs only and tell all of your customers about it wherever you’re already speaking to them.

This means you should add it to your email communications/marketing channel, your Facebook page and ads, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and of course, print collateral on location. Everywhere!

Many business owners get started with SMS and they overlook the promotion part of it. Promoting your new SMS campaign should be number one, the most important thing you do to launch a successful program.

How can customers and potential customers take advantage of your offer to join the program if they don’t know about it? Trust us, they will want to join!

iZigg offers FREE digital collateral to all new customers to promote their SMS campaigns. We’ll design you a custom promotional piece to use in your business to ensure your program gets launched properly and grows quickly so that you see a fast ROI.

Here are a few examples of how you can promote your SMS campaign using print collateral.

Lost Dog Tavern – Atlanta, GA.lost-dog

Tanworks – Minneapolis, MN.tanworks-88799

I-CE NY – Atlanta, GA.

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