SMS Marketing: Open New Dimensions of Communication For Businesses

In order to be successful, every small to medium sized business needs as much promotion and visibility as they can get. Marketing strategies are implemented by business owners to reach as many new potential and current customers as possible. Sales promotions, daily deals, new product releases and even event communication are a few basic areas that businesses promote.

But it’s not just businesses that need SMS, fast and efficient communication is needed in every industry – financial, churches, real estate, retail, events and government offices amongst many others. Television advertisements are widespread, but still fail to ‘reach’ everyone they target, and radio and newspaper advertisements have a tendency to be ignored. However, a new and far more efficient way is available now. 98% of people, who receive SMS messages, open them within seconds. SMS marketing has taken marketing to new heights.

Mobile marketing is more direct than television, and on a bigger level than radio and newspaper. SMS marketing can also be used by companies to keep their customers updated on their new products and company updates. SMS marketing has many benefits. It’s quick and instant for starters; it’s flexible as you can target a specific group of people or just a huge chunk of people you don’t know.

SMS marketing has the highest conversion rate compared to other mediums. This means that people are more likely to respond positively to SMS than a television advertisement, because SMS is more personal, engaging and interactive. They are also more reliable then emails, since they don’t have to battle against various spam filters. The potential to reach a huge number of clients is endless because in this generation, the mobile phone is used by more than 4 billion people worldwide. This has given birth to many online based SMS marketing providers. iZigg Mobile Marketing is one such SMS marketing software company that focuses on mass SMS marketing, reaching maximum numbers of customers in a matter of seconds.

iZigg is a renowned text messaging platform that works with gigantic names like KFC, Monster Energy, Pizza hut, Harley Davidson Motorcycles etc as clients. High volumes SMS is delivered in an instant, at an approximate speed of 2000 messages per second, making iZigg one of the, if not the fastest way to connect to a large numbers of people. iZigg provides a plethora of features including a calendar and scheduler for messages, cloud storage system, detailed reporting and many other user friendly, easy to use features that makes it possible for anyone to use it.


About iZigg

iZigg is a cloud based SMS software platform, used for SMS marketing and communication for business, education, transportation services etc. SMS marketing pricing at iZigg ranges from $29 to $499/month and up depending on the volume of messages and keywords you need to send. Take promotion to the next level with iZigg!


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