SMS Marketing: The Most Effective Marketing Tool

In this era, when marketing anything, email campaigns, blogging, tweeting, and YouTube videos are considered top priority. SMS is usually left behind. But, you shouldn’t be leaving SMS out, because it could dramatically increase the productivity of your marketing strategy. It is quite important to integrate an SMS strategy into your marketing mix and doing so will make it much more efficient as it’s a brilliant tool for engaging with customers. SMS messages have an open rate of 98% out of which 90% are being delivered within 3 minutes. It is the most effective way of reaching out to customers and increasing the traffic of your business. It helps many industries like beauty salons, fitness clubs, malls, bars, schools, restaurants, hospitals, corporate communication and the list goes on.

The first thing you may ask is, “what can SMS could do for me?” The answer is as simple as the question, SMS can help you and your business in many ways such as, increase traffic to your business, help you in improve your sales, create brand awareness and it will also help in build customer loyalty. It lets you get rid of the some of the more expensive advertising that’s sucking the major part of your business’s marketing budget

If you’re looking for the most impactful and powerful solution for marketing and communication for your business, look no further, iZigg is a leading SMS provider that provides a mass text messaging platform. They offer a cloud based software platform, which is the most reliable platform for SMS marketing for your business with features like the scheduling/calendar and message-center, which is designed to help manage and simplify your campaigns.

iZigg offers several messaging plans, which all include custom keywords. The software can be integrated with software APIs to manage your business’s calendar and appointment scheduling. iZigg offers detailed reports, subscriber reports, and keyword opt-in results. With all these features, iZigg is the most trusted and reliable SMS software platform for the B2C and B2B marketing of your company. iZigg offers the most competitive SMS marketing pricing for their services and they are exceptionally amazing and proficient customer support.

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