Increase Downloads: Text to Download

Have an APP? Looking for ways to increase downloads of your app? Have you tried giving your customers a way to download your app using traditional channels like radio, print, TV or billboards? Here’s the problem with promoting your app through the traditional channels, without using SMS – it’s NOT simple enough. Your customers are required to find on their phone and open up their APP store, search for your app (about half the time I misspell a search myself), scroll through numerous other related apps, locate your app and then finally download it. Sometimes this can be frustrating for a consumer and you could potentially lose a customer that was interested in downloading your app. Consumers want simple – fast solutions.

So, how can we simplify this process? There’s a better way to do it. It’s called Text to Download. By simply adding an SMS autoresponder, you can give customers a ONE step process to download your app in seconds. You give them a simple work to text to a short code, like 89800, and in response they get back a link directing them right to the download page for their particular device. By doing this, you’re cutting out the middle steps and simplifying the process. This takes them directly to the download page for your app.

For example, we worked with Credit Karma to promote their mobile app through numerous satellite radio stations, podcasts and print channels. Consumers simply text the keyword “BUSINESS” to 89800 to download their app. They immediately received an auto response back with a link directing them right to their device specific app store and the apps download page. All the end user needs to do is click download! Much easier right? In a matter of two months, this method got 20,000 downloads of the app! That’s huge!

Text to download is the simplest way to get your app on more devices and get more people using it.

Try it now! Text “TDAPP” to 89800 to see how it works with our client Tin Drum’s app.

If you have an app you’re looking to increase download rates on, let’s talk! You can chat us now, email or call our experts at (877)-394-3485
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